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Rebirth and Renewal

What is Spring?

Spring is the time for renewal and rebirth, it is about the embodiment of new life and the germination of seeds into resonate being and a time to reflect upon new energies and subtle changes happening in everything that’s growing and getting ready to bloom. Spring is like the hope of a brand new day, as the first sun rises and its rays shine brightly across the land and all its glorious creatures, and penetrates it’s warmth into the very soul bringing forth a new uplifting view as if seeing everything for the first time. Light finally overcomes darkness and the days slowly get longer, lingering and celebrating in the light, where life renews itself by reaching upward and toward the sky to touch upon creation.

That which lays dormant through the wintery freeze now rises as if from the dead in a new body and perfect form, blooming and warming the heart and soul with it’s existence. It is the rebirthing of things winter forgot. That which hibernated through frost bitten, cold days and nights now makes itself known as it emerges in the new light of the new age of Saturn in retrograde. Life and death collapse into a state of pure being to fertilize the budding seeds that sprout as offspring to the success and completion of the cycle of the previous generation where they germinate their own legacy and story. This year will be a unique and creative year that does not rely on the same old story of the year that has already passed.

Why is this year so important?

This is the year of change, it is a time for facing your past and rolling it up like a wave upon a sand that like quicksilver lightning sinks into the grainy golden crystals beneath its weight. The growth that will be accelerated by the new alignment of stars and planets will be swift and impactful. There will be no turning from the truth that is coming up to heal. It is time to make a change and start living as though you consciously want to be here, the planet has awoken and nature is on the move to a new dimensional frequency. You will be swept away with the dust and the old as the landscape changes to build original connections to the new energies streaming in. Dig your heals in to mother earth’s soil to brace you for the winds of change as this is the soul of the earth and will help you to build new layers of spirit waiting for your embrace.

What is the gift you bring?

The gift you gain from the potentials combining is the very best of what was and what has never been. The past and the future will become as one and you must remain present and feel each moment lest you miss the new creation that you are becoming. Focus your mind to the inner earth also and feel your expansion towards its core, connect with the central heart so that the turbulent changes that are happening around you will not spin your life into chaos and you can firmly ground yourself. When you are truly in your heart space there will be no suffering as there is no shame or blame here, only awakening and healing. You must let go of those that have wronged you and have made you suffer by insisting on holding you hostage in the old and decaying. Do not take on their karma as their day is coming where they will face themselves and have a choice. The choice is not for you to make.

What is the secret of Spring?

As flowers bud, there are always growing pains. Thus is the secret of Spring. Evolution is like petals on a flower, they will open and grow and spread their sweet aroma until we are giddy with delight and bliss. But it is not without consequence. We must push through like a chick being born from an egg, the shell of resistance to transform. The caterpillar awakens from its cocooned slumber to break through and sprout beautiful, colorful wings. But it also has a lot to give up. It has to sloth off the heaviness of its former self to grow lighter and take flight. Metamorphosis can only occur when we are ready and willing to give up what weighs us down and move forward. But this requires forgiving and releasing. What hinders us in this journey is being caught up in the emotional storm of it all as sometimes the boundaries of the cage we create are to hard to break free from. This weight diminishes our senses and reduces our ability to see connections that exist openly available to us.

This is an important year to make real breakthroughs and utilize modalities that will continue the transformation and balancing.

What is my contribution to this time of change?

Knowing how important it is to make these changes at this time, I am going to offer a discount of $50 off one session for May and June. And if you book now, this offer will extend through July. If you book 3 sessions prepaid in advance now you will receive $200 off. Spring has created a new malleable environment pregnant with unlimited potentials just waiting to be molded and shaped. Resolution only comes with the acceptance that it is time to put the past behind us and take control of the destiny that lies ahead. We can’t live tomorrow what we don’t create as it doesn’t exist yet in that form until you make the conscious decision to make it so.

You can contact me directly at or through my website ( for further information.

Thank you for reading, Debbie


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