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Success Story

I have had 2 sessions from Debbie and they were both amazing. I have worked with many healers and techniques over the years. The work I have done with Debbie has perhaps been among the most profound in creating lasting permanent change. I have had a difficult life, and after many years focused on healing, I decided the roots of remaining issues likely lay in long distant and forgotten past lives.


I dealt with inner conflict and self shaming on a daily basis. I had tried every method and technique I could find to clear these, however nothing worked until Debbie's sessions. The space she holds is very safe and I was able to easily and promptly enter into full memories of past lives which were still influencing me. As I visited these old memories new insights and understanding could be brought into them and this has allowed me to be free of the negative patterns that were influencing me.


Just 5 weeks from my first session I find that my inner life is so much more peaceful. Now that my energy is not spent battling with negative feelings and thoughts all the time, I have more energy to live. Since starting to work with Debbie I have found myself accomplishing tasks which I had desired and planned for years, but had not had the energy or stamina to accomplish. I am also experiencing many delightful synchronicities. For example, I have been searching for a home for 3 years with no success.  In my email box about a week ago I was offered a chance to purchase a home that had nearly everything I was looking for at a very affordable price. It just happened to have the same address as my current mail service PO Box number. The sellers need a specific move-out date to fit their schedule and it turns out that the day I can move in will be my birthday.


Many years ago I used to have a life full of synchronicities all the time, but as I came into contact with deeper dysfunctional layers, these all ceased. Debbie has enabled me to come 'unstuck' from the layers of dysfunction which were preventing me from moving forward.  



Dawn M.

"Debbie is a highly talented person whom I've had amazing past life regression sessions with. I highly recommend her sessions and her work. Invest into knowing who you are - it is extremely rewarding when you are on a self awakening journey. Debbie has a very soft and gentle voice and personality and you will feel very comfortable and cared for the entire time."


—  Yulia Ostrovsky

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