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Reclaim Your Power, Health, & Life Purpose

We are living in a time where many people are waking up to the fact that our world is rapidly changing. People are starting to question their very existence and what their purpose here is.

This has spurred a major increase for Spiritual Awakening and reconnecting to our true authentic selves. People are now coming out into the open and talking and writing about their near death experiences, their memories of Past Lives here and on other planets etc. There are so many wonderful self- healing modalities and spiritual information opening up all over the world.

My personal journey was spurred on by adversity in my life. Betrayal, pain, and sorrow took me on a search for answers to my life. After experiencing a Past Life Regression, I found that I had brought through these unresolved issues from the past to be resolved. By addressing these issues and gaining the wisdom and insight, it allowed me to release the trapped emotional energy imprint from my physical, emotional and mental bodies and my life was forever changed.

We all know that depression, sadness, anger, fear, and pain inhibit our potential to live a long, healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. There are many people living with fears and phobias that don’t relate to any incidents from this lifetime and are in a quandary on how to heal them. I have been doing Past Life and Root Cause Therapy now for over 30 years and have seen these types of issues completely heal and disappear out of their lives after identifying and releasing them.

It is time to wake up to our true potentials and free ourselves from our limiting beliefs of lack, false values, hopes and expectations that have kept us stuck in dysfunctional patterns from many Past and Present experiences.

Our subconscious mind stores all the memories of our past and present lives, be it positive or negative. These underlying memories can be running programs that we are unaware of and can trigger certain behaviors of reaction or action that sometimes even surprises or shocks us.

These unconscious memories hold patterns which get trapped and stored in our emotional and cellular bodies. These can drain your energy and affect your health on many levels and create an imbalance in your life. They can also have an impact on how we perceive our world and can limit our opportunities and abilities to succeed.

In a Regression we give the trapped emotions or memories a voice, because if we don’t, it will continue to make its’ presence felt by creating physical pain or emotional dysfunction on some level within our life. This energetic clearing resets the thought process, which then brings balance back into the body and energy field. This is also an opportunity to reclaim your life and power and step into your Life Purpose, a life-changing opportunity. And to also move into higher dimensional living.

You will attain new levels of wakefulness and presence in your daily life that will empower you to manifest and achieve your goals.

When the mind and emotions are cleared and in balance, everything flows to you and within you.


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