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Retrograde Energies

retrograde energies

Over the last few decades, I have been delving deeper into how the different energies that astrologist's predictions denote, have been affecting people in different ways. This curiosity has led me to have much more in-depth contemplations on the subject.

I know from my own reactions in earlier days, when I would read that we were about to go into Retrograde, I would think “here we go, lots of negative emotions and situations coming up for everyone”. I would hear those same comments from everyone around me complaining about how they were being affected in an uncomfortable way, including myself.

I finally took this into my meditation time and asked my Higher Self to shed some light onto this subject, and felt it was time to understand the changing of frequencies from the Planetary Systems that were being projected onto us here on earth.

My Higher Self streamed through the understanding that this was an imperative cycle to help awaken the consciousness and minds here on this planet. The retrograde energies are meant to trigger us with uncomfortable situations in our life that we are not addressing. This is to wake us up, to go into a Retrospective Mode, and search for the answers within us. When we are in our comfort Happy Zone, we are not hard pressed to make changes in the way we think, act and behave to evolve ourselves into Higher States of being.

We also have a lot of unfinished bleed overs from our Past Lives, that are unconsciously running programs that trigger us in certain situations.

We need to sit up, take notice, question, and allow the answers to come to...

  • Why?

  • What is this situation trying to show me?

  • Why is it making me feel or react this way?

  • Why isn’t it affecting others in the same way?

  • Why do I feel depressed, angry, or emotional during this time?

When the planetary energies go into Retrograde, it is time for us to go into Retrospection and go within to find out what we still need to address and to clean up in our life as well as within ourselves. Our reality is usually a good barometer at reflecting to us what is not working in our lives.

I encourage everyone to reflect on these energies and to see it as a wonderful opportunity to grow and evolve, go within, get the inner wisdom from your experiences instead of “REACTING” to them, learn to “CREATE” with them, and learn from them. Allow your spirit to soar to greater heights and see your REALITY change before your very eyes.

If you have difficulty going within and finding these answers for yourself, the Regression work I do, will assist you to revisit your unfinished business that is still running these programs silently within you. This allows you to finally get the understanding and wisdom, which then releases these negative emotions out of your cellular memory and resets your brain, so that you can move forward to a higher state of being. This then opens up new potential timelines for you to embrace and move into living your Soul's Purpose. This process takes you into a deeper awareness of yourself where you can observe these remnants you have hung onto and release them once and for all. The changes that ripple out into your life are profound and you will get to see life from a new perspective. The emotional body will return to balance and old habits will resolve, giving you a new fresh look at your path and life.

So I invite you to give yourself this gift, and to open your mind to getting to know what runs you and how you can see these energies differently and heal the past, present and your future. Embrace your change and experience during this HIGH time!


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