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Winds of Change

#1. What is joy? Have you ever truly sat down and contemplated the meaning of that word?

Joy is the flow of unconditional intent whose content is delivered into one's heart and brings an enlightened lifting of the spirit. And yet it is also in being content or neutral that new positive intent is envisioned and can be harnessed to share with others. Joy is in the letting go to allow the full destiny’s conclusions, but it is through contentedness that the waves of destiny are calculated and contemplated and experienced. Joy embraces the emotional universe and finds its home in the heart of love and being content, which allows divine access to the other realms where the soul can generate excitement. Joy stabilizes positive and negative polarities and allows for the dream to come forth for experience in reality. Peace and serenity are the gatekeepers that release the excitement and give space where an individual soul’s purpose can be cultivated and realized.

#2. What if we live without joy? Would it truly change the picture of reality we see?

Negative thoughts and patterns of belief are like a wall made of stone and mortar that make the body feel heavy like your sinking in quicksand and disconnected to the flow of incoming energy that is always in a constant flow. Therefore, as the past and the future are processed through contemplation and healing and forgiveness, and looking at your past lives, present life and future then the body and mind will start to match the natural speed of nature, creation, and the universe and overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back from your true potential. The third dimension is a place of artificial depression where in a sense the world we experience is pushed or repressed beneath the surface of every thought, reaction, action and motion and has slowed down into a density much thicker then it was designed for.

Health and well-being exists where doubts no longer plague the mind and cloud clarity. However, at the same time, you can look at the earth and humanity and see the overflow of artificiality and complacency and know that everyone is caught up in the same program. The energy from the Cosmic River overflows at times to provide and flush out the earth with new energies. That is why we sometimes feel suddenly the tide has changed and something is just not quite right but we can’t place our finger on it. Sometimes it is a change that we are not ready for and so we are shocked into reality. But we must first understand the nature of how energy works and how we make it flow to us and through us to create a balance and harmony. How we see ourselves and how we view others and how they view us modifies our environment to a conformity. This shuts us off from the source and makes us feel alone and segregated but we are the ones imposing this upon ourselves.

#3. How do we make a positive change?

If we see new potential and strive to break down the walls of judgement and limited past beliefs we alter our sense of self consciousness and begin to expand our awareness. People are essentially cursing one another and keeping one's potential down by how they interpret that individual based on past actions in other dimensions of situations and circumstances. This is then why people keep their dreams to themselves because someone may counter or negate the dream and prevent anything positive from happening. At the same time, the dream can be carefully crafted and focused upon and shared in a likeminded circle of those that are open to the same change and reality, giving it merit and strength and a new shared vision that carries its own vibrational path of change. Change starts within ourselves and must be tended to much like a garden until it is ready to be expressed in a new lightness of heart and being.

#4. How do we relate this all to the body?

In order for the body to change physically, we must have a vision for where and what we want it to morph into. The physical body follows the mind and action that is placed upon it by the inhabitant and all of the emotional and mental energy that is occurring every moment we are in existence in this form. The physical still exists in the past because of the feelings we choose to hang onto from traumas that have long passed. The more we align ourselves and allow ourselves to let go and release the patterns of turmoil that drive us and instead be in the moment, the more rapid the body can heal and function and reenergize.

In order for the body to let go and free itself from its shackles of disease, pain and suffering, we must release every charge that presses a button and keeps this wheel of destructive thought turning. Every atom and every molecule hold energy and this energy flows through everything that exists. So, if we emotionalize our experiences and root our beliefs in these emotions then we are setting our biological selves up for disease and an ultimate, slow decay and decline. We are affected by all of these frequencies and more down to the very core of our physical essence, which are our cells. When we infect our cells with an altered perception of a damaged reality we in turn damage our body and disease and possible mental illness set in. We do not realize how much our thoughts and actions affect our direct DNA and cellular structures and will pass on to our next generations if we do not heal and change.

#5. If we are run by emotional baggage then how do we get to see an example of change?

When we start a new life, a new chapter, a new leaf, we notice that we create our identity anew and everyone that exists in the new environment seems to see us in the new light that we are able now to create for ourselves. We are not judged for the past and who we used to identify with, in fact we can recreate a whole new us if we so desire. We can choose to have new goals, new ideas, new inspirations that effect the new people in our life differently. When we realize we can do this and we have seen this at many turns in our life, then we realize with the right understanding we could actually do this in our old environment. It is easier to create anew in a new untainted platform but we must learn how to transform ourselves in the midst of environments that we have contributed to present belief and specific reactions.

By holding onto pain, we create more negative behavioral patterns and reflections which then creates or alters the forms and bodies and behaviors of everyone around us. And when we hold on to illness like a long lost loved one we never get rid of the ailment as it is in our mind’s eye and we have created a self-imprisonment that’s easier to maintain then overcome. With every breathe we take we see that there is a network deeply embedded into biology and matter that hold this form and patterns together to emanate life. The cell’s life cycle is short but the current and stream of consciousness we continue to reinforce everyday washes over the new cells that are being formed and create them in the same way that we hold our lives together.

We are creatures of habit and routine. Imagine your daily routine. You wake up, you get breakfast, perhaps you work out, take a shower, go to work, come home, have dinner, go to bed. Wake up and do it all over again. A cell is just like that where it is programmed with everything you insist on holding in place as the same habits, patterns, every day. If you do not step outside of these boundaries and begin to look at how you can work on these to change then they will continue to cycle the same way until you take your last breathe in this life, throwing you back into the wheel of reincarnation to come back and do it all over again. Hopefully different the next time.

#6. How does biology change when we change?

Understanding the fundamentals of what has just been discussed will open your mind to the next level of interpretation and expanded awareness. Deeper contemplation of self and what we are made of is necessary to understand that biology is intricately combined with energy and consciousness. Biology is affected and transformed only when we perceive something differently with a new mind and a fresh vision. The only way we can do that is to clear out the cobwebs of the stagnant and the old that longer serve us and begin again with renewed vigor to fight for a change that brings joy, peace, harmony and order to the chaos. Life is a simple game of learning and growing and energizing the sparks of light that truly move us to enlightenment. When we deny the fundamental elements of who we really are, we are only denying ourselves and in turn, a higher access to a greater life in health and happiness. Time continues to march on and we can either choose to make the most of this dimensional world and roll up unfinished business and march forward into to a new and brighter tomorrow. Every cell, every part of our being will resonate to the highest order its given if given the chance. Allow yourself to be the wind of change that moves everything onward and upward.

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