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The Sacred Feminine

When we look at the moon that fills the sky with its beauty and fullness, it reminds us of the Sacred Feminine. This concept is often misunderstood and used out of context, which is due to people’s preconceived ideas about Feminine energies. The essence of the sacred feminine energy is the seat of the receptive soul. The resurgence of the feminine energies that we perceive in the light of the waning moon or the goddess aspect means that we are activating the yin energy, the intuition. When we accept our sacred feminine authentically, we are accepting truth with faith and a knowing. This allows us to turn off the chatter of the monkey mind which is constantly transmitting information, and become the quiet observer and witness for receiving and reenergizing deeper mind and deeper awareness.

The Sacred Feminine represents life and creation and the guardian that is the mother or Terra that brings forth life. It is an exploration into the recesses of knowledge that surrounds our reality. It is not just an exploring of the creation of life and the womb that brings protection. It is the esoteric becoming of a sacred neutral in balance with both male and female aspects that one is. The feminine being the softer, nurturing part of the self that gives back to the spiritual grace and exists within. It centers in our heart space bringing forth an unconditional love. Even though the sacred feminine is a powerful and radiant energy, it’s more of a harmonizing factor that allows for greater balance and new activations and downloads to occur. It allows for more understanding and integration to unfold, especially when you decide to process yourself and work through your obstacles.

The sacred feminine energies are absorptive and receptive and open to all potentials, past, present, and future. That is why soul energy is described as feminine as it receives the insertion of the spirit. So, in a sense, the feminine is a time of great soul retrieval. The sacred feminine allows past traumas in this and parallel lives to be uncovered, investigated and resolved; so that you may move forward on your journey unencumbered.

It is a time of giving birth to new creation and rebirth. With the renewed understanding of the sacred feminine, people will begin to heal old wounds that they are carrying around like battle scars in the body and open their hearts. It will allow people to become more accepting and more forgiving in spirit. It will bring unresolved issues into resolution and resonance. The landscape will begin to transform to a more positive vibrant frequency that will allow for joy to come back in where there was none.

Get in touch with your sacred feminine and utilize the energies of the full moon and the harmonizing waves of change. Don’t wait to make change, your change starts with you.




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